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Selecting Steam Cleaners for Sanitizing Kitchens

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KleenJet Mega 1000CVP

Daimer's KleenJet Mega 1000CVP Steam Cleaner

The KleenJet® Mega 1000CVP - ATIS® is a superb ANTI-BACTERIAL commercial steam cleaner with vacuum/extraction featuring Daimer's patent pending ATIS® (Advanced Thermal Ionic Sanitization) technology. The ability of Daimer's unique ATIS® steam cleaning machines to kill 99.99% of harmful bacteria including E.Coli and S. aureus, as well as mold species such as Aspergillus niger, has been confirmed through independent laboratory tests.
Pressure up to 105 psi
Steam Temperature up to 356ºF
Boiler Material Stainless Steel
Boiler Volume 4 liters
ATIS ® Technology Included


Steam cleaners are used for a variety of cleaning purposes in residential, commercial and industrial environments. This equipment has a number of advantages such as versatility, low wastage of water and ease of use. The machines can be used to remove stains, dirt and harmful microorganisms present on surfaces.

How They Work

Steam cleaners generate high-temperature, "dry" vapor steam. The machines produce this steam at a specified temperature and pressure level to soften and dissolve residues and hardened deposits on surfaces. The best steam cleaners offer temperature levels as high as 360°F and pressure levels as high as 150 psi. Vacuum extraction capabilities are also available on top machines, affording users the ability to extract the softened residues directly from the surface.

Steam Cleaners for Kitchen Cleaning

Steam cleaners are ideal for cleaning kitchens and their various surfaces and accessories. These devices can removal most types of stain from most types of surfaces. In a kitchen, such stains may result from regular exposure to smoke, spilled oil or food ingredients. If these stains are left a long period of time, they can become hardened. In addition to being difficult to remove, these deposits can spoil the appearance and cleanliness of the kitchen. Among the washing equipment currently available, steam cleaners are among the best for removing deposits related to cooking and other kitchen operations.

Another use of these devices is to clean kitchen accessories. Stains may develop in stoves, ovens, heaters and other devices because of regular exposure to heat and food. Steam cleaners can remove these residues from these accessories and other steel and hard surfaces.

The most important advantage of these devices is their ability to sanitize the surface. of the newest steam cleaners use antimicrobial technologies to kill disease-causing bacteria and fungus. Therefore, these cleaning equipments not only keep the kitchen free from visible dirt but also keep it safe from harmful microorganisms. Such anti bacterial steam cleaners are ideal for food service and food manufacturing facilities where cleanliness is key.

Now that you know why steam cleaning equipment is essential for properly cleaning a kitchen, it is important to analyze the features necessary for kitchen cleaning applications.

The Boiler Tank

The boiler tank is a chamber where water is converted into steam. It is one of the most important parts of a steam cleaner. In the most advanced machines, water in the boiler remains super-heated. As steam is generated, water is added to the boiler tank from a non-pressurized refill chamber. The water in the boiler is kept super-heated throughout the entire job, while users can add water to the refill chamber as needed without having to shutdown the machine, refill and wait for it to reheat.

Different brands of steam cleaners have different types of warranties for the boiler. Ideally, one should select a steam cleaner that has a lifetime guarantee for the boiler.

Selecting Detail Brushes

Most commercial steam cleaners have a detail brush either as part of the machine or as an optional component. For cleaning the kitchen and kitchen accessories, detail brushes will be used often. Pay attention to the different types of brushes available, as they vary in abrasiveness. Selecting a brush that is too abrasive for the surface being cleaned can scratch it. Top distributors offer three main types of brushes: nylon, brass, and stainless steel.

Remember that detail brushes are designed specifically for the machine, and therefore must be purchased from the supplier. In the long run, the price of the brush, and not the actual cost of the device, is what determine the cost effectiveness of the device. Therefore, for kitchen cleaning applications, select steam cleaners suppliers that offer reasonable priced, effective detail brushes. For example, the range of detail brush prices from different top distributors lies between $2.80 and $20.00 per brush.

When choosing the right steam cleaning machine for cleaning your kitchen or food service/production facility, it is essential to select machines with the right technologies and features to meet your needs. Anti-bacteria technology, continuous refill capability, and vacuum extraction are three key features to consider.

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