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steam cleaners

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Sanitizing. Gum removal. Stain eliminations. Industrial kitchens, restrooms, schools. At Steam Cleaners and Providers Buyer's Guide, we've got your applications and work environments covered. Each week, we interview manufacturers, talk to cleaning experts and look into the future of steam cleaning industry. We also offer a page of resources from around the Web and around the world.

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steam cleaners

Environment: Restrooms
Gum Removal Systems
Steam Cleaning Business

How to use sanitizing technologies such as anti bacterial systems to kill germs, reassure customers & increase steam cleaning productivity. Bacteria and fungus such as Escherichia coli and Listeria, may cause disease. Bacteria that cause the disease might be present in the commode, if it is not cleaned regularly using portable steam cleaners or some other advanced cleaning devices.

  Commercial Steam Cleaner

Schools and educational institutions have very specific needs. Learn how to buy add-on components to solve the stickiest cleaning problems. These advanced gum removal machines use a combination of high temperature steam, vacuum extraction, a special gum removal tool and a gum solution, if necessary, to remove chewing gum at a rate of up to 500 pieces per hour.

Continuous Use Systems
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Steam Cleaners in the Kitchen

Steam cleaners offering non-stop cleaning offer unique benefits. The continuous refill steam cleaners give the user the ability to work non-stop, which is especially useful for who either prefer the technology for convenience-sake or otherwise need to clean large surface areas and don't want their work interrupted.

  Steam Cleaner Buying Guide

Restaurant and institutional environments offer challenges and opportunities for smart cleaning professionals. How to find the easy money. The stains developed in stoves, ovens, heaters and other devices because of regular exposure to heat and food. Steam cleaners can remove these residues from these accessories and other steel and hard surfaces.

Steam Cleaners for Industrial Environments
steam cleaner, steam cleaners
Choosing a machine to clean manufacturing equipment and production areas requires specific knowledge. We poll experts and grill manufacturers.


Application Advice:
Cleaning Mattresses
steam cleaner, steam cleaners
Work in a hospitality or healthcare establishment? Use an industrial strength steam cleaner to save time and money on your next project.


Choosing Add-Ons and Replacement Parts
steam cleaner, steam cleaners
Tips and advice for obtaining quality and price for steam cleaner parts and components. We focus on cost, durability and performance.


All-About Commercial Steam Cleaners
steam cleaner, steam cleaners
We discuss purchasing, applications and cost of ownership over the long-term. (You do plan on keeping that machine for while, right?)



Steam Cleaners - Great For Eliminating Algae and Mold

Lawn and patio furniture canenhance a garden. However, lawn furniture can quickly become dirty and slippery with algae, and mold.Of course, no one wants to spend lots of time cleaning patio furniture. This is why you need to know about steam cleaners that easily manage the cleaning of outdoor furniture instead of spending hours scrubbing it. This is of particular interest to commercial facilities like hotels and restaurants that need to keep outdoor grounds looking clean and inviting.

Algae, mold, and mildew will thrive in most places with abundant sunlight and water. Algae is especially prevalent in areas with high levels of moisture. Algae and mildew are not only eyesores, they can be hazardous. Algae covered surfaces can be slippery, posing a risk to children and the elderly; and, some types of mold can be harmful to one's health. Steam cleaners can effectively remove algae and mold growth quickly and effectively. In addition to patio furniture, steam cleaning is also excellent for other algae-prone areas like decks and vinyl siding.

Portable steam cleaners are highly popular for a range of household, commercial and industrial cleaning applications. If you are looking for a good steam cleaning machine for household cleaning or require a machine that uses high temperatures to dissolve stains and residues, it is best to choose quality steam cleaners from reputable distributors.

With pressure levels ranging from 75-120 psi, industrial steam cleaners designed for domestic and commercial applications will dissolve and soften algae and mildew from patio furniture and other surfaces. Machines with vacuum extraction capabilities simultaneously extract dirt, grime, algae, mold, and mildew from these surfaces.

Top commercial steam cleaners brands include patented features such as heating elements that are both replaceable and removable. In the event of boiler failure later on in the machine's life, repair is simple and inexpensive, in comparison to entire boiler replacement required by some machines. Another innovative technology is the self-cleaning of boilers. This self-cleaning process keeps the boiler free of scale build-up and ensures that it continues to function with the maximum pressure and temperature levels. There is also the continuous refill technology that utilizes two tanks to enable continuous cleaning for extended periods of time. This technology is usually featured on more expensive steam cleaners, designed for extended cleaning applications.

Steam cleaners from reliable suppliers are user-friendly and solidly built. Perhaps one of the most beneficial features available on steam cleaners today, particularly for the removal of mold and mildew, is anti-bacterial technology. This technology enables a machine to remove up to 99.9% of bacteria, mold, mildew, and other harmful pathogens. If you are looking for a way to truly rid your outdoor surfaces of mold, mildew, and algae, these steam cleaners are best.

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